Welcome to my homepage. I am a researcher in algebraic geometry as a Marie Curie Fellow at Warwick University with Miles Reid.

Selected publications and preprints:

For a complete list, this is a link to my papers on the arXiv, I have a Google Scholar profile and here is my CV.

My name in Chinese characters: 魅志江流.

Some lectures on the Gross-Siebert program.

On the more colorful, this is a poster for a conference on enumerative geometry that I organized with Cristina Manolache at Imperial College in the summer of 2018:


Previously, I was at the University of Hamburg with 2016 Clay Research Award winner Bernd Siebert. Before that, I was a research fellow at KIAS, which stands for Korea Institute of Advanced Study and is located in the heart of Seoul. My mentor at KIAS was Bumsig Kim. Together, we organized a number of workshops, including 3 of them on the Gross-Siebert program.


After completing my PhD at Caltech, I went on a trip up (and inevitably back down) the California coast, which turned out to be rather memorable, and led to this photo:


My adviser at Caltech was Tom Graber. Between Caltech and KIAS, I was a postdoc at the Fields Institute in Toronto, for the thematic program ‘Calabi-Yau Varieties: Arithmetic, Geometry and Physics‘.

This is one of my absolutely very most favorite pieces of music.